20Med Therapeutics

001 Introduction

20Med Therapeutics is a Dutch biotechnology company applying innovative nanotechnology for the development of RNA therapeutics. Our non-viral delivery platform is based on bioresponsive polymers specifically designed for the efficient intracellular delivery of oligonucleotides. 20Med Nanoparticles are widely applicable for the delivery of oligonucleotide based therapeutics using various routes of administration.

20Med Therapeutics' versatile delivery platform is the result of 15 years of research on bioresponsive polymers and drug delivery. Specifically designed to address all steps of intracellular delivery, 20Med Nanoparticles facilitate efficient transfection of a wide range of oligonucleotide-based therapeutics, ranging from large plasmid DNAs (>12kb) to small antisense oligos. The main focus of 20Med's development program is the delivery of mRNA for the development of vaccines and therapeutics.

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