• 20Med Therapeutics and Partners Receive Eurostars Grant for the Development of New mRNA Therapeutics for Osteoarthritis

    RELEASED ON JULY 24, 2019. 20Med Therapeutics today announced with its partners Ethris GmbH, the AO Research Institute Davos and Paracelsus Medical University the receipt of a Eurostars grant to be used to further the development of a novel approach to treatin...

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  • 20Med Therapeutics secures new financing for accelerated development of the 20Med Nanogel technology for the delivery of RNA therapeutics

    RELEASED ON NOVEMBER 2, 2017. Please find the document here...

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  • New Horizon 2020 Project B-SMART Develops RNA-based Therapy for Neurodegenerative Diseases.

    RELEASED ON FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Pleas find the document here....

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