EU Collaborations

20Med Therapeutics participates in a number of EU consortia to investigate the potential of our nanotechnology for various therapeutic applications. Our EU projects are listed below.


    Targeting Of RNA Driving Onco-immune therapy (TORNADO). Led by Prof. Raymond Schiffelers at the UMC Utrecht, this NWO project (HTSM2018) focusses on mRNA applications in immune-oncology. 20Med Nanoparticles are being employed for intratumoral delivery of mRNA therapeutics.


    Innovative nanotechnological RNA delivery systems targeting the direct cause of Alzheimer‘s disease instead of its symptoms Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s affect over 7 million people in Europe. However, few treatments for this group of diseases are available so far. Nanomedical approaches can make a difference, providing new therapeutic options by helping drugs to enter the brain. The multinational research project B-SMART sets out to provide an RNA-based therapy perspective for neurodegenerative diseases targeting the direct cause of the disease instead of its symptoms. For more information please visit:


    The JOINT-APPROACH consortium aims to develop a novel safe (non-viral) and effective gene therapy-like mRNA therapy for osteoarthritis (OA). Using the unique 20Med Nanoparticles delivery technology intracellular delivery of mRNA into joint-related tissues can be ensured. This therapy will suppress inflammation and support cartilage and tendon tissue regeneration. The project will perform preclinical development to generate proof-of-concept, required for subsequent regulatory pre- and clinical validation. OA is the most common chronic joint condition, affecting >40 million Europeans. With increasing life expectancy and rising levels of obesity, OA is predicted to become the 4th leading cause of disability worldwide. In 2017, the first OA gene therapy was approved and several more are in clinical development. All, however, use unsatisfactory (viral) delivery approaches, which result in suboptimal transfection in joint tissues. JOINT-APPROACH will provide a non-viral and targeted alternative.