20Med Therapeutics' non-viral delivery technology for oligonucleotide therapeutics is based on its proprietary bioresponsive polymeric nanoparticle platform.

Resulting from 15 years of research 20Med Nanoparticles have been specifically designed to address all aspects of intracellular drug and gene delivery. 20Med Nanoparticles are particularly useful for delivery of oligonucleotide based therapeutics, providing protection of fragile payloads during administration and circulation. Efficient cell entry and endosomal escape followed by rapid bioresponsive release from the nanoparticles deliver RNA and DNA based therapeutics to the desired intracellular location.

20Med Nanoparticles can be loaded with a wide range of oligonucleotides, ranging from large plasmid DNAs (>12Kb) to small antisense oligos. The particles can further be coated and conjugated to targeting groups, making them compatible with most routes of administration and suitable for targeted delivery to specific cell types.