20Med Nanoparticle delivery platform

20Med Nanoparticles have been specifically designed for efficient intracellular delivery of oligonucleotide-based vaccines and therapeutics.

The technology platform is based on 20Med's proprietary bioresponsive polymeric nanoparticles which provide protection of fragile payloads during administration and circulation but allow for rapid bioresponsive release of that payload as soon as the particles enter the cytosol.

20Med Nanoparticles are based on 20Med's proprietary polymers that contain several smart bioresponsive characteristics that make the nanoparticles very suitable for intracellular delivery. Each step of the delivery process has been addressed and the polymers optimized for efficient cell entry, endosomal escape and rapid release of the payload into the cytosol.

Manufacturing of the 20Med Nanoparticles is easy, scalable, and independent of the payload, offering an efficient and low-cost alternative to viral or LNP based delivery. Learn more about 20Med Nanoparticles in the development of vaccines and therapeutics