Therapeutic Applications

Effective delivery into targeted cells is the major obstacle in the development of oligonucleotide based therapeutics. 20Med Nanoparticle delivery technology can provide solutions for effective delivery in a wide range of therapeutics areas.

  • Immuno-Oncology

    To explore the potential of its Nanoparticle delivery technology in immuno-oncology applications, 20Med Therapeutics has founded a joint-venture, NanoCell Therapeutics Inc. Based in Philadelphia, NanoCell is focused on the development of ex-vivo and in-vivo Car T-cell applications. For more information please visit

  • Nucleic acid based vaccines

    RNA and DNA based vaccines provide an attractive alternative to conventional vaccines development, allowing for rapid development of a highly potent, low cost approach. A major hurdle has been the instability of mRNA and the low efficiency of in-vivo delivery. 20Med Nanoparticles overcome this problem by protection the mRNA payload during administration and cell entry followed by rapid release of the payload in the cytosol. 20Med is applying its unique delivery platform for the development of therapeutic cancer vaccines as well as prophylactic vaccines against infectious diseases.

  • Delivery of Messenger RNA

    mRNA based therapeutics are an highly attractive new class of biologics with the potential to encode for any protein of interest directly in-vivo. The promise of mRNA therapeutics as the replacement of protein therapeutics has been hampered by the relative instability of mRNA and ineffective delivery into the cell. 20Med's Nanoparticle delivery technology protects mRNA against degradation during administration and circulation, followed by efficient cell entry and release of the payload in the cytosol. By providing an efficient, low cost carrier for mRNA therapeutics the 20Med Nanoparticle technology had the potential to transform the mRNA therapeutics market. Current applications within 20Med focus on the development of mRNA based vaccines and enzyme replacement therapies.